Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gulf Coast Gala and JuJu's Crawfish Shak

Gulf Coast Gala

                      Frontmen of Country gave a professional, intimate perfume at Gulf Coast Gala with enough Texas and southern references to get the crowd engaged. I spied Carl Parker himself at the Carl A. Parker Multipourpose Center and tables full of the people who back Port Arthur. Ann Boutte elaborated on atmospheric decor that had already caught my attention. Glass centerpieces were filled with locally-sourced sea shells and colored class bits from the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. Red ginger blooms and yellow carnation toppers emerged from the centerpieces making this a very "gulf coast" vision. Boutte said she herself had taken a hammer to recycle the discarded windows into workable pieces. What we do for art!


                  JuJu’s Cajun Crawfish Shak
                             JuJu’s was as fun as I’d imagined it would be all these years. I’ve been hearing JuJu’s offers especially good boiled crawfish and I finally got to experience it for myself. Don’t tell the rest of my family. They’re still waiting.
                             The original “shak” became too small, so I got the “new” shak on FM 365 in what you’d want to call the Fannette area. The menu is boiled crawfish and what comes with that, so that’s not hard. But there are plenty of  hand-lettered signs fashioned from cardboard boxes to help speed the ordering process.
                             You need to know how many pounds you want and there’s a two-pound minimum. That’s the hardest think you’ll be asked, unless it’s deciding your dipping sauce. I tried melted butter and imagined I was dunking tiny, spicy lobsters. They were actually very large and succulent crawfish. I loved that you get to order as many potatoes, corn cobbs and Zummo sausages as you see fit for yourself. I’ll be back.

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