Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alarm means dinner is ready

Bold & Orange
I just had a meal featuring six orange items, served on a pink Fiesta plate. I thought the baked sweet potato would be the star, and a little pumpkin cream cheese would top it well. Then Since the oven was going I grilled an orange in there, too and put carrot sticks out for crunch. The SAAS hot sauce was orange, too.
Bolds Cracker Sandwiches from Lance brought it all together. They’re new, in Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese. Good crunch, good flavor and good for on-the-go snacking. It’s a new “extreme” flavor with izza and Bacon Cheddar in the line. Look for a 6-count box exclusively at Walmart stores.

Alarm means dinner is ready
The smoke alarm is like a dinner bell at my house. Sensitive is an understatement. It goes off when you turn the oven on. It actually says “Fire, Fire, Fire.”
Anyone else have this problem? If you do, don’t let that alarm cry wolf. Don’t ignore an alarm. Check everything all the time and be safe.

I may have passed by Pasha many times, but that night I was hungry in Houston the tiny house was lighted up and called my name. Award-winning Turkish-Mediterranean foods and intimate service await those who can navigate the unusual parking.
You have to wait for one car to leave before you get in the drive to go in the back. Tricky, but worth it.
I had the good food karma to get seated quickly and platters of things like lamb kebab and eggplant began to arrive to me and other diners. I’d love to go back and go down the reasonalbly-priced menu. The staff treated us like family.

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