Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lenten and bacon thoughts

Bacon S’mores
My Fat Tuesday breakfast followed in the spirit of feasting and “getting rid” of all the fat in the house. My daughter had a few marshmallows left over from a project and I heated them over graham crackers and spread Jif Hazelnut Mocha Cappuccino on them. I figured a little Canadian bacon couldn’t hurt. It didn’t.

Lent in a can
Those who eat more fish in this season may now replace sensations like the fragrant aroma of extra virgin olive oil and lemon dill; the ease of pulling the tab on a can and the flavor of fresh and firm chunks of fish with the mess and smell of opening a can of tuna. Starkist Gourmet Selects elevates the experience of a quick and light meal. Look for packages flavored with roasted garlic, or pick solid light tuna fillet in oil or solid albacore fillet in water. While there are suggested recipes, I could mix and match these cans with lettuce, crackers, fruit and cheese for 40 days or more.  Even though I wrapped up my cans in the pantry and labeled them “No!,” they caused a rather spirited disagreement until she convinced me to share one willingly. The cans do offer two servings, though the calorie count made me feel no guilt about consuming the entire contents on other days. Gourmet Selects do deserve to be served on a fancy plate and savored by candlelight.

Bacon Jam 
I actually got in a bacon jam over Better Than Bacon Jam. My aunt picked it up for us as a gift, and I followed her example by sampling it on a biscuit. I wasn’t impressed. Tried it again later with the same story and even brought it over to a party for other culinary thrill seekers I know to try. Then, I read the label.
Sugar-cured bacon jam is labeled as a topping flavored with real bacon. On the back it says it’s not your grandma’s jam for spreading on scones at tea parties. It’s grandpa’s jam for slathering on juicy burgers, potatoes and vegetables.
Upon reading that, I turned on the skillet and dropped a spoonful in to try on the first thing I could find, which was a tortilla. Success. Once heated, all that flavor comes out to get you.
You now how people say things like, “You had me at bacon,” and they’re in? This is a lesson on reading a little further for the best experience. The same goes for the opposite. If you hear about something and turn your nose up, learn a little bit more and the story might evolve.

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