Monday, March 3, 2014

Queen Gumbo has crafty ideas

Queen Gumbo “Libby” has crafty ideas
Libby Arnold of Community Care Prayer Outreach said it loud and proud, the Rotary Taste of Gumbo, Etc. will have a “woman’s touch” this year.
It’s already one of the most popular events of the year with a chance to eat until the food runs out, visit old friends and support great community causes.
Arnold said a craft show and voting for the People’s Choice are talking points this year.
Doris’ Famous Gumbo The Schooner, Seafarer’s Center, Christus St. Mary Hospital, Southeast Texas Medical Center, Max Bowl, Finch Hutton, Billy Joe’s BBQ and other restaurants and service groups will be cooking up shrimp, sausage and chicken gumbo. If for some reason gumbo is not your thing, there will be other foods, too.
Crystal Young of Senior Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center, said her group is cooking up seafood gumbo.
“Oh my gosh, it’s delicious,” Young said.

Taste of Gumbo will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 29, at the Robert A. "Bob" Bowers Civic Center. Tickets are $10 and craft show entry is included in the price. Bring your money for a silent auction.
Proceeds help with scholarships for Lamar State College-Port Arthur and go to a variety of local groups including Capland Center for Communication.
The bottom line, Queen Gumbo says, is that the $10 tickets go toward helping services to low-income people in our community.

Yogurt on a stick
Foods on a stick are a big deal. Just look around the Nederland Heritage Festival’s Cuisine Walk.
I found Yasso frozen Greek yogurt on a stick at H-E-B. She wanted mango and I wanted coconut, so we compromised on strawberry. It’s light and refreshing and boasts 6 grams of protein, natural ingredients and a calorie check of 80. That’s a lot of fun for a stick. Makers are launching five new flavors: Raspberry, and Sea Salt Caramel. I’m going to be all over the Sea Salt Caramel.  

Flat pretzels full of flavor
Snack Factory asks us to “Rethink Your Pretzel.” Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, deli style honey mustard & onion, and now minis in original and cheddar are flat Pretzel Crisps that perk up everything from snacks to salads. You’re lunch won’t be boring and a serving will satisfy without breaking the calorie break. I showed these to a woman who said she’d never seen flat pretzels before. I think they look like little masks. The minis could fit on a quarter. I loved every variety.

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