Sunday, March 16, 2014

Succulent display

Succulent display
While I love shopping at Whole Foods in downtown Austin, I was willing to skip it on my most recent trip. Turns out I stopped in, because their underground lot was the only place I could park. No worries. I enjoyed  a samples of cucumber and apple salad with a dill and mustard vinaigrette, popcorn with red hot candies melted into it and chocolate pita chips.
I snapped a photo of the café table centerpieces. Sea salt and peppercorn grinders flanked succulents which were growing out of Mason jars. Silver rims were screwed on, but the flat part of lids were off to allow the fresh greenery to flourish. It was an inviting breath of spring.

Energy trend
Energems offer edible energy made from real milk chocolate that you can look forward to every day. Afternoon is my preference.
Energems, are made to allow your body to absorb its B-vitamin blend faster and come in a little box for on-the-go action. I don’t know how to take the makers’ press release pointing out that you can keep them on the bedside table because “they will make sure you enjoy your night, too.” At any rate, they come in flavors and I like the mint. I guess I’ll come out and say it: They do pretty much look like a giant m&m what with the hard shell and all. Oh, and celebs are eating them up at red carpet swag situations.

Roll with the rum balls
Is chocolate rum balls the gift for every 30th anniversary? Or is it just Tortuga Rum Cake Comanpy? We are the ones who get to celebrate, with a coating of crispy sprinkles around a soft, fudgy center that packs rum flavor. Those balls are like “medicine” for those who long for a Caribbean beach break. Yep, those little rum cakes are still around with the galleon pirate ship label. Port Arthur folks with Cayman ties are probably familiar.
I’ve never had a rum ball I didn’t like, but I’m saying, these rum balls are my new standard of what I do like.
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